Monday, May 12, 2014

Castle vs Castle

As you may or may not know, I got to travel to Germany this past weekend to see an old friend from high school. While I was there, my friend took me to tour a castle in Heidelberg that was absolutely beautiful. It just so happens that I had just toured another castle in Barcelona so I thought I'd compose this post as a bit of a friendly competition! Let the games begin....

National Pride:

The flag of Catalunya was displayed prominently at the Castell de Montjuic:

The Heidelberg Castle on the other hand had no such display. They did however have this delicious cookie/cake hybrid called the Amerikanr...

Point Barcelona :)

But what about an intimidating prison? Every good castle has one of those! 

The Heidelberg Castle boasted this impressively terrifying structure:

Castell de Montjuic had no prison, thus the point for this round goes to Germany!

Castle Grounds/Garden:

This is a tough category. The Castell de Montjuic had a beautiful walking trail, a mountain top view of the ocean, and gorgeous landscaping.

However, the castle in Heidelberg had incredible natural beauty and a great view of the city:

I think this category is a draw, both castles were so beautiful in different ways in was impossible to compare! 

We'll folks it looks like we have a tie... Which is fine by me :)

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