Monday, May 5, 2014

Latest Adventures

Where to begin??? I finally walked by the beach with my family, wrote and performed a play in English with two of my host siblings, and ate the WORLD'S BEST CHICKEN. Literally. I have never EVER had better chicken. My assessment of this chicken may have been influenced by the amazing, authentic Spanish sangria I shared with my host parents during the dinner but I doubt it. :) I even got to watch the Derby with my host family and we all had a blast rooting for our horses. Here are a few pictures from the past few days, hope you enjoy!

^^^ Oh you know, just the rooftop pool... ^^^

Some pictures from the best restaurant ever. It looks pretty rough on the outside (...and the inside) but nothing can possibly beat that chicken...

Apparently this place is a hotspot for Barcelona celebrities and there were a thousand pictures on the walls of famous soccer players, chefs, models, etc.

This bread with tomato spread (tomaquétte) is literally served at every meal and I'm really starting to love it :)

Did I mention this is the world's best chicken?

I had a picture of the sangria (which looked as good as it tasted) but I accidentally deleted it :(

One last thing, and this is probably the COOLEST and most important part of this particular blog post. I bought castanets!!! Or castanuelas as they're called in Catalan. My host grandma apparently plays castanets very well and may give me a lesson before I head back to the US!

Tomorrow and Wednesday I have tutoring time with my host siblings and Thursday I'll visit Park Guell before I fly off to Germany for the weekend. What a life!

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