Friday, May 2, 2014

The Four Day Weekend

Most everyone else chose to travel this weekend, but I decided to spend this time in Barna with my host family. Turns out, that was a great decision because I've gotten to see some really great Catalan culture and experience more of beautiful Barcelona! Wednesday night, we went to the Feria de Abril which is a traditional Sevillian festival that involves lots of traditional dancing, called Sevillana. My two host sisters dressed up for the occasion!

Vendors and families set up tents for dancing, eating, and shopping. 

My family had friends who we're hosting a tent so we went there and ate while we watched Sevillana dancers of all ages. Later on, my host mom taught me one of the many Sevillana dances, though thankfully there are no pictures of this as I was pretty terrible. 

The next morning I took my two oldest host siblings to the Barça Museum (for the Fútbol Club de Barcelona) so we could tour and have fun while practicing their English skills. I have never been one for sports, but if I had to like a sport, it would be soccer. And in any case, this museum was very interesting as it really impressed upon me how central this team is to the Catalan identity. 

This was the first trophy on display in the museum, from 1902.

If I didn't know the name Lionel Messi before, I do now. This man is a hero to the Catalan people. He made up about 1/4 of the entire museum. Below is one of his bronzed cleats.

After the Barça museum, I went to lunch with my family at a beautiful restaurant next to a garden and playground. The day ended with a trip to the Fuentes de Montjuic for the lighted fountain show. Can´t wait to see what the rest of the weekend holds...

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