Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Park Güell... Finally!

Tomorrow is my last day in Spain and I can hardly believe it's over already. In just three short weeks, I had to squeeze in every ounce of Barcelona I could and I think I did pretty well. Yesterday I saw the last "must-see" place on my list: Park Güell! It did not disappoint...

We some how stumbled around and came in through the back entrance to the park but that allowed us to see some beautiful landscapes we wouldn't have otherwise seen!

Eventually, we found the side of Park Güell that everyone knows, the part that screams Gaudi :)

It's no wonder this place is so famous, it really is incredible how much work and time must have gone into all the beautiful mosaics and artwork.

I'm so incredibly lucky to have been able to see all these beautiful works first hand! Now I only have one more day in Barcelona and then it's off to graduation. Bitter sweet is definitely the right word.

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